Melanie (cha_mel_eon) wrote in afflecks,

My attempt to revive this community

When I want a new dress.. I go to Afflecks.

This baby was purchased from Soho. It has bondage straps accross the side, handcuffs as a belt and it used to have a skull with red eyes for the zip, but i'm not a careful person and probably lost it jumping down onto Satans Hollow's floor in the middle of a guitar solo. Some emo probably found it. Anyway, moving on..

(5th ave yo)

This dress was from Elysia, and was an 18th birthday present from my boy. You can see it better in the ebay pictures, but meh.

The necklace in both pictures is by Alchemy and my friend xxxbekxxx bought it for my 18th, from Elysia also.

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