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uglyintroductions [19 Mar 2010|12:48am]

name :: Jamie
age :: 21
gender :: F
location :: Sale, Cheshire
fave bands :: The Beatles, The Who, Empire of the Sun, Hybrid, The Holloways, Air, The Smiths, Tom Petty, Vitalic, Joel Plaskett Emergency, Seth Lakeman, Bonobo, Primal Scream, I COULD KEEP LISTING IF YOU WANT
why you like/loathe afflecks:: I love it because of all the ecclectic little treasures and things that perfectly suit my taste that I can find there -- and also, for people-watching. This one time I saw this kid who must've been like fifteen and he was headbanging really really enthusiastically to whatever was playing and I thought he was totally rad. HEAD-BANGING FIFTEEN YEAR OLD KID GUY, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, YOU MADE MY DAY WITH YOUR UNDYING ZEAL FOR LIFE OKAY. I hate Affleck's in the summer because it's too hot in there.
pics:: I have this picture of me kicking ass around town where I'm wearing a chicken mask in the mask shop, but I totally can't find it argh

Anyways I'm pretty sleepy as it's quarter to one in the morning but I wanted to say hello to everyone and hopefully meet a few people, who knows right? I'm (almost) always up for an Affleck's scavenger hunt. I buy most of my weird shit there. My hardcore heavy duty canvas shoulderbag is from the army surplus sort of place, my dumb slouch hats I wear all the time that I love so much are from the tiny hat shop on the same floor, I've got some miniskirts and stuff from various locales... And man, do I ever love the milkshakes.
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[17 May 2009|12:34pm]

Afflecks Palace

FREE gig in Manchester tonight! [05 Oct 2008|02:03pm]


An evening themed with all girl bands or female fronted that are making a mark in the industry. Whilst the males in guitar based music think they dominate the scene, well they may lose some of that ill thought historic supremacy this night. Special rock n roll girl cocktails on hand, B movie tough women classics shown, a Candy store, and with a vast array of other perks on hand!.







11.00PM DJS

Afflecks Palace

[02 Jul 2008|08:18pm]

Just wondering, is the hair place in Affleck's any good?

Has anyone ever gotten synthetic hair extensions done there?
Afflecks Palace

[02 Feb 2008|04:53pm]

Afflecks is saved!
Afflecks Palace

[06 Oct 2007|08:05pm]

Afflecks Palace

[08 Mar 2007|02:29pm]

Come see us in Manchester next Thursday, March 15th, at The Music Box on Oxford Rd (next door to jilly's rockworld), it's a fiver to get in, 14+ and there's free entry to rockworld afterwards for over 18's!

New EP now available from BATS in Afflecks Palace or buy online here!

Add us on myspace too if you like!
Afflecks Palace

Hey [04 Mar 2007|11:50pm]

I just read somewhere that the lease has in fact been renewed for Afflecks so there is no need to panic!

I am glad for one, cos I'm moving to Manchester next month and be gutted if it closed down :(
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[28 Feb 2007|12:11pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Sign the Petition to try and help keep Affleck's open.

Afflecks Palace

[26 Feb 2007|12:55pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Afflecks to close??!!

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10% Discount! [21 Sep 2006|01:54pm]

Click >>

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[06 Sep 2006|03:01pm]

Did you know that alot of the shops in Afflecks have now got their own little shops within the northern quarter?
One's that I have spotted are:
- ThunderEgg {new!}
- Pop Cafe
- American Grafitti
Anybody know of any more?

In other news, karate_man_mike stylee.

Today I bought:
Black Stargazer eyeshadow for a bargainous £2.50!
Just normal black eyeshadow is sooo hard to find. Tssk.
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Afflecks [25 Jun 2006|06:11pm]

I must admit I travelled from Dundee in Scotland to Manchester purely for Afflecks Palace and I was NOT disappointed!
I run a website selling goth & punk items and was told that Afflecks would be good for inspiration - what an understatement - it was brillaint - never seen so much weirdness all in one place - wanted to buy it all for my site! Am planning to go back down with my other half in September - so if you see a large scottish lady with uv reactive pink hair wandering through town with loads of afflecks/rowfers etc shopping bags, say hi :)
3 love Afflecks Palace

[10 Jun 2006|02:59pm]

Does anyone know if Skinvasion is open on Sundays? (on the third floor? I think)

Or indeed is Afflecks even open on a Sunday? I dont usually brave town on Sundays.

Thanks in advance!

Crossposted to manchester :]
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My attempt to revive this community [02 Jun 2006|12:07pm]

When I want a new dress.. I go to Afflecks.

Click.Collapse )
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[27 Feb 2006|11:44pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

So we all from manchester here? I remember when I first discovered afflecks, lol, I was about 10 and my mum took me to the hair dressers there and I got some blue hair extensions put in. Hehe, I thought I was really cool at the time.
Anyway, check my journal out. If you think I sound like your kind of person, add me as a friend and I'll add you back. I'm so jealous when I read other peoples journals and they have 9093098409875980 million friends and I have none. Lol.
Love Jess

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Heyyy. [18 Feb 2006|05:19pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I realise this community is dying. Or dead. But I don't care. I'm on a Manchester-shopping-spree buzz.

name :: Katie
age :: 16
location :: Nelson
fave bands :: On my userinfo, way too many!
why you like/loathe afflecks:: I love Afflecks because it's like one place where I can go to meet my friends, and it's got everything clotheswise all under one roof so that makes me smile.
pics:: None at the moment. My camera is sucky. =/ Sorry!

Single silver bullet...Collapse )

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Do any Afflecks shops sell flip flops? [27 Jan 2006|02:00am]

Do they? does this worry you? it worries me. as i hate flip flops.
actually i don't think i've ever seen any flip flops there... good

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[25 Jan 2006|02:03pm]

Your favourite shop in Afflecks and why?

Mine is Thunder Egg! I can never resist the music related accessories! I nearlly bought a domino bracelet the other day for £8.50. eep!
7 love Afflecks Palace

[13 Dec 2005|09:15pm]

Hey I'm laini, I'm 22 and I work in strawberri peach, used to run the shoe shop, all in afflecks, so I kinda feel obliged to join!! I reckon that also gives me the right to love afflecks, and loathe it simultaneously.

Bands/djs getting my attention atm (trying to think of favourites would just take too long) are lab4, yogi biomehanika, vnv nation, pendulum and the cult.

Also, I gotta ask, how often do you get people asking if we're closing?? Because I get asked about once a month or so, and we're not, ok? Quiggins may have gone, but we're not quiggins!!
8 love Afflecks Palace

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