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Afflecks Palace

The Home Of All Weirdo's

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This is a community for all those who adore Afflecks Palace, the aladdins cave of wonders hidden away from the high street in Manchester.

Post anything you like to do with Afflecks,

+ What you bought +
+ you're favourite shops +
+ Meet Ups +
+ Pictures +
+ Why You Love it +
+ Why you hate it +
+ questions+

.... those are just a few ideas ....

If you would.. while joining... just fill in these details so we know kind of who y'are.

name ::
age ::
location ::
fave bands ::
why you like/loathe afflecks::

and that'd be all ^_^ then you may post whatever as long as it doesn't violate the LJ rules.
...oh and nothing too obscene please.. I don't want any details on The Rubber Plant :|

maintainer: cha_mel_eon - also check out mcr_social