Something Clever (uglynoodles) wrote in afflecks,
Something Clever


name :: Jamie
age :: 21
gender :: F
location :: Sale, Cheshire
fave bands :: The Beatles, The Who, Empire of the Sun, Hybrid, The Holloways, Air, The Smiths, Tom Petty, Vitalic, Joel Plaskett Emergency, Seth Lakeman, Bonobo, Primal Scream, I COULD KEEP LISTING IF YOU WANT
why you like/loathe afflecks:: I love it because of all the ecclectic little treasures and things that perfectly suit my taste that I can find there -- and also, for people-watching. This one time I saw this kid who must've been like fifteen and he was headbanging really really enthusiastically to whatever was playing and I thought he was totally rad. HEAD-BANGING FIFTEEN YEAR OLD KID GUY, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, YOU MADE MY DAY WITH YOUR UNDYING ZEAL FOR LIFE OKAY. I hate Affleck's in the summer because it's too hot in there.
pics:: I have this picture of me kicking ass around town where I'm wearing a chicken mask in the mask shop, but I totally can't find it argh

Anyways I'm pretty sleepy as it's quarter to one in the morning but I wanted to say hello to everyone and hopefully meet a few people, who knows right? I'm (almost) always up for an Affleck's scavenger hunt. I buy most of my weird shit there. My hardcore heavy duty canvas shoulderbag is from the army surplus sort of place, my dumb slouch hats I wear all the time that I love so much are from the tiny hat shop on the same floor, I've got some miniskirts and stuff from various locales... And man, do I ever love the milkshakes.
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