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I realise this community is dying. Or dead. But I don't care. I'm on a Manchester-shopping-spree buzz.

name :: Katie
age :: 16
location :: Nelson
fave bands :: On my userinfo, way too many!
why you like/loathe afflecks:: I love Afflecks because it's like one place where I can go to meet my friends, and it's got everything clotheswise all under one roof so that makes me smile.
pics:: None at the moment. My camera is sucky. =/ Sorry!

Today was the first time I ever took a parent to Afflecks. I took my dad.

Here's part of my journal entry.

Got most of my stuff from Afflecks Palace. He bought me some stuff - some black and white stripy fingerless gloves, some pinkish striped shoelaces for my white with pink vans, and also a hooded jacket that is black and white stripes, but has like a square hood which kinda looks like horns. It's cute.

I bought myself a black and white bead necklace with matching bracelet, and some plastic-band bracelets in red, white and black.

and a bit further along

I was watching the skaters and every time we saw someone dressed like me (which happens a lot, which is why I like shopping in Manchester) my dad was all "Mosh mosh mosh." and i'm all -handface-.

Because I had the new gloves, new jacket, black jeans and my black and white stripy socks on my dad was going "Roll your jeans up and you can be a zebra crossing." I was laughing but still like "D'oh."

I go to Afflecks Palace with a group of friends every school holidays because by the time it's half-term everybodys managed to outgrow their clothes, snap some of their bracelets, or just fancy a change. Today I discovered the toilet for the first time - I honestly didn't know they had one!
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